Ezekiel & Co.

UTAU Voice Resource


Ezekiel's core vocal. It has a strong, yet all-around tone. Great for a wide range of genres like Pop and Rock.


A smooth, girly vocal with a sweet falsetto. This bank is perfect for a variety of songs from Ballads, to Pop and even EDM.


A bright, child-like vocal. This bank is neutral in the low and mid-range and ramps up to more solid tones.


Taro's core voicebank. Not too soft, not too strong. Perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

Terms of Use

The characters and voices displayed on this website are creations of macnsneez3(macnsneez_u2t).Plagiarism, defamation, and other heinous acts with the voice libraries available on this site are prohibited.When using/displaying any of the characters or voicebanks from this site, please state the name in the title, and tag it correctly.
Append names are not important.
Though some characters depicted here are 18 years of age or older, please refrain from using the voice or its image in defamatory or derogatory ways against individuals, groups, or authorities.
Topics discussing or portraying illegal activities such as substance abuse, murder, sexual deviancy, or other taboos are permitted so long as the content is not in such a way that can be seen as glorifying or promoting.
Commercial use of the characters and voice libraries on this website is permitted, as long as the previous rules are followed and proper permission is granted beforehand.You may redistribute a voice bank from this site if the download is broken, or the bank has been discontinued. Please do not distribute edited voicebanks without my permission. This includes but is not limited to: noise removal of samples, pitching or formant shifted samples, renaming of samples, or an altered oto.ini from its original format.